New parents have a lot of things to worry about, but losing their elite status at British Airways likely isn't one of them. British Airways announced on its website that those who are in the middle of maternity, paternity or even adoption leave can put their accounts on hold for one year and not lose their elite status.

To qualify for the status hold, you must be a status member at the Bronze, Silver or Gold level. The airline is also asking clients to provide proof in the form of a birth certificate or documentation related to paternity leave or the adoption. To show how genuine the airline is, British Airways has even set up a special email address,, where you can send the relevant information to.

To ensure a speedy process, make sure to include your Executive Club number and full name. Once accepted, the airline will also provide your child with 1,000 Avios, if you enroll your little one in your household account.

The only catch is that there is a maximum of two approved applications for each member every five years. If the airline approves your application and you continue to fly, you will still earn Tier Points and Avios, all while enjoying your elite status.

While this is an extremely generous offer from British Airways, it isn't the only one in the industry. Canada Air, Qantas and Iberia all provide the same benefit. Though, it is interesting to note that American-based airlines aren't yet getting with the times. Nevertheless, it's good to see that some international airlines are going the extra mile to offer this benefit.

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