Star Alliance is celebrating 20 years of existence by giving loyal passengers a big gift. The global airline alliance is collaborating with all 21 airlines under its brand umbrella to give away 21 million airline miles in total. Each airline's loyalty program will give away 1 million miles as part of the promotion.

Travelers in the United States will be excited to learn that the popular United Airlines MileagePlus program is participating in this contest. Are you about to become a mileage millionaire? Find out how you can turn your frequent flyer membership into free miles.

How To Win 1 Million United Airlines MileagePlus Miles

Star Alliance is going to make you do a little bit of work if you want to become a mileage millionaire overnight. The good news is that the process of entering the contest is really fun. Participants are invited to show off their creative sides and express their appreciation for the gift of travel using photographs.

You will have an opportunity to share photos and use your words to express how you've been affected by your experiences while traveling and coming into contact with new cultures. You can use a desktop computer or mobile device to submit your entry. Here are the four steps to complete before the content's deadline of July 31:

  • Use the Star Alliance photo tool to upload your photo and a photo of your favorite cultural experience
  • Explain where the photo was taken
  • Illustrate what made the experience special to you
  • Choose which loyalty program you would want to win miles with
  • Provide your membership number and contact information for Star Alliance to reach you

Your entry will be judged on the level of creativity it displays and your ability to vividly depict a cultural experience. This is your chance to work your creativity and personal experiences to craft a visual love letter to the experience of travel. Keep in mind you can only enter the contest once.

How Far Will 1 Million United MileagePlus Miles Take You?

Just how far will 1 million MileagePlus miles take you? The prize of 1 million United MileagePlus miles works out to equal roughly $15,000 in cash. You should bear in mind that your prize is subject to all applicable taxes.

The miles you win will not count toward boosting your status level within the MileagePlus program. However, you will get the perk of being able to use your reward miles on any Star Alliance carrier. This is incredibly exciting when you consider that the airlines within the Star Alliance family offer flights to 1,000 destinations using 20,000 routes daily. That alone creates a lot of potential for an incredible getaway to a destination practically anywhere on the globe.

Star Alliance has actually created some sample holiday ideas demonstrating what you can do with 1 million miles if you happen to win. The options shown include treating friends and family to a Parisian rendezvous or Hawaiian getaway.

No matter where you'd like to visit, it is definitely worth taking a few minutes to upload your photos and come up with some words to try and win 1 million MileagePlus miles from United Airlines. It's an amazing opportunity that you can't pass up!

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