Norwegian Air passengers enrolled in the carrier's frequent flyer program, Norwegian Reward, now have access to a new account type that should improve the somewhat lackluster loyalty program. Called the Family Account, the new system allows up to 7 members to pool their points with other participants into one account, making it easier to accrue enough of the loyalty currency to cover seat reservations, luggage fees and other costs.

While called the "Family Account", members don't need to be related, or even share an address. The head of the account can invite whoever they'd like, so rewards members are free to partner with friends or coworkers. Other airlines offer similar point-sharing plans, but normally include high fees and have specific limits on who their points can be shared with. In that regard, Norwegian's liberal approach to the system is refreshing and innovative altogether.

The rules for Norwegian's loyalty program are certainly appealing, but the rewards are still sort of negligible. The carrier's reward currency, called CashPoints, are valued equivalently with Norway's national currency, the Krone.

At current exchange rate, 8.5 CashPoints are worth roughly one U.S. dollar. This isn't much in terms of actual savings, but the flexibility of the system somewhat makes up for it. Travelers can combine points with cash to pay for services, so the points function a bit like store credit. Furthermore, the revenue-based program has no limits on availability.

All said, the new Family Account is definitely an upgrade from what Norwegian Reward used to offer. The value of Norwegian's CashPoints hasn't gone up, but the ability to pool them means passengers will have access to rewards more quickly. And the ability to account-share with anyone gives members an impressive degree of flexibility stemming from a rewards program.

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