The idea of a long flight may not leave you feeling thrilled. However, a sizable trek could grab your interest if it could land you in the history books. United Airlines is making history by launching what is believed to be the longest route ever flown by a United States carrier. Where will this long journey be taking passengers? The route will bring travelers directly from Los Angeles to Singapore. The entire nonstop journey measures in at 8,700 miles.

A Look at United's Direct Route From Los Angeles to Singapore

The new nonstop flights from Los Angeles to Singapore won't be going very far beyond what United already offers to passengers. Customers can already fly from San Francisco to Singapore. That flight route had been recognized as the longest one offered by an American carrier until the announcement of the new route departing from Los Angeles.

How long will it take passengers to get from sunny Southern California to bustling Singapore? The journey will take 17 hours and 55 minutes. Return flights back to California will take 15 hours and 15 minutes.

Who Is Expected to Take Advantage of United's Record-Breaking Route?

The demand for nonstop flights between the United States and financial capitals in Asia is high right now. Having the ability to forgo stopovers when flying can save business travelers time and money.

In addition, business travelers appreciate having the ability to simply sleep through most of a flight instead of having to deal with the hassles of switching airplanes and wasting time during layovers inside airports.

When Do United's Nonstop Flights to Singapore Begin?

United will officially launch its new record-breaking nonstop flights from Los Angeles to Singapore on Oct. 27. Passengers will get to spend nearly 18 hours inside United's luxurious Boeing 787 Dreamliner when they purchase tickets.

Luckily, passenger seats in every cabin are equipped with personal on-demand entertainment options that allow individual passengers to start, stop, pause and rewind programming as they choose.

Longer Flights Can Lead to More Reward Miles

Will you be making the journey to Singapore once United begins offering its record-breaking flights in October? Travelers making the journey should definitely sign up for the United Airlines MileagePlus program ahead of time to make the record-breaking miles they'll be traveling count toward earning free miles for future flights. Members are eligible to earn up to 75,000 award miles per ticket using the MileagePlus program. United awards miles to members of its loyalty program based on fares.

Members who reach Premier status have some options for earning points on specialty tickets based on distances traveled. A long flight to Singapore could help you reach elite status sooner because of the fact that MileagePlus members earn qualifying credits toward Premier status based on a combination of distance and fare class.

The bottom line is that United's loyalty program is definitely worth looking into if this new route between Los Angeles and Singapore is going to entice you to jump to this carrier because you routinely make the journey between countries for business or personal reasons.

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