It is a misconstrued notion that no annual fee credit cards are basic and boring. Sure, no annual fee credit cards let you keep your account open even if you do not or hardly use it. Indirectly, this helps you increase your account age as well as decrease your debt-to-credit-limit ratio. Don't get me wrong, these are great perks but that isn't all no annual fee credit cards have to offer.

In fact, if you find the right no annual fee credit card that you qualify for with your credit score and is suitable for your lifestyle needs, there are many benefits to be had - all without the need to pay to use your credit card. You stand a better chance of qualifying for a solid, no annual fee credit card if you have excellent credit or at least good credit.

We at cannot emphasize enough that there exist amazing no annual fee credit cards on the market. Many of them even let you earn flexible rewards on your spending, such as cash back and rewards points. Some of these no annual fee credit cards also offer a sweet sign up bonus for new cardmembers.

Narrow down your options, ask yourself what kind of benefits you expect your ideal no annual fee credit card to offer.

  • Do you want a straightforward credit card that lets you earn a flat rate cash back or rewards points on all your purchases?
  • Would you prefer if the credit card lets you earn more rewards on certain categories, such as travel, groceries, gas, restaurant dining?
  • Do you need your credit card to offer a low introductory APR on your purchases and/or balance transfers?
  • Are you looking for a credit card that offers lots of travel benefits?

For the most part, as long as you consistently pay off your credit card bills every single month hence avoid carrying any balance, all rewards you can potentially earn from using your no annual fee credit card are essentially pure savings!

What's more, you may even get to enjoy Visa Signature or World Elite MasterCard® perks for free with your no annual fee credit card if you happen to have stellar, excellent credit.

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