For over 50 years, the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York has had a 'pay-as-you-wish' policy for entrance to the museum. The Met, as it has been referred to for an even longer period of time, had posted 'suggested' contributions, but allowed people to enter the museum regardless of what they paid.

Starting March 1st, this will all change. Beginning on this date, anyone from outside of New York State will be required to pay a $25 entrance fee to The Met. New York residents as well as students from Connecticut or New Jersey will still be allowed to contribute to the museum as they see fit for admission.

The museum has stated that there has been a significant decline in the amount of money that is being contributed upon entrance in recent years. Nearly all people only contribute half or less of the suggested price, and this has inhibited growth of the museum.

The Met, however, does not wish the new admission price to scare off visitors. The $25 fee will cover a full three days' worth of admission to any of The Met's three museums as well as provide access to many of their amenities such as walking tours and guest speakers. The museum is hoping that this new price structure will encourage more people to visit the multiple museums that holds its name.

The Metropolitan Museum was first established in 1870 and contains artwork spanning 5,000 years from around the world.

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