Norwegian Air has announced that beginning in late October, it will increase the number of daily flights to New York's JFK Airport from London's Gatwick Airport. The newest flight will have a mid-morning time slot and is anticipated to be a high demand flight.

Norwegian Air has been expanding rapidly for the last few years. The low-cost carrier has found a niche in offering very affordable transatlantic flights and has been very successful till date. Its investment into brand new planes that are ultra-fuel efficient has allowed the carrier to offer these long-haul flights at discounted prices.

For those who don't already know, Norwegian Air has been causing quite a stir within the airline industry. Many of the larger legacy airlines have stated that they believed that Norwegian would have gone bankrupt already due to the low fares it offers. However, the airline continues to grow and even reaches long-haul destinations like San Francisco and Denver now.

IAG, British Airways' parent, initially announced that it is considering a takeover of the airline. This was much to the surprise of Norwegian Air who has stated that the company is not in any talks with IAG or any other airline for a takeover of its company as a matter of fact. Though, it was reported just a couple of days ago that Norwegian Air Shuttle rejected two takeover offers from IAG.

Norwegian Air has stated that it has currently ordered several new aircraft so that it can reach additional destinations in the near future. For the foreseeable future, Norwegian will continue to operate as its own independent airline offering attractive low fares for transatlantic flights. What the future holds in terms of takeovers is yet to be seen.

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