Carbon offsetting is fast becoming a trend sweeping the airline industry. In fact, just last month, EasyJet decided that it would offset carbon emissions from all flights with immediate effect. Now, flyers on Norwegian Air will be able to offset the carbon footprint of their flights. They can easily do so when buying their ticket.

When choosing a flight, customers will see how Norwegian's emissions on the flight compare to the industry average. The airline then provides a carbon dioxide emissions calculation for the flight, and flyers are given the option of offsetting their carbon footprint when they check out.

The carbon dioxide-reducing clean energy projects that Norwegian supports include a hydro energy project in rural Laos, a wind energy facility in Vietnam as well as efforts to convert landfill gas to energy in Thailand. All carbon dioxide-reducing clean energy projects that Norwegian invests in are certified by both the Gold Standard and the UN.

Norwegian and easyJet are not the only airlines to announce a carbon offsetting program. Austrian Airlines now also offers flyers the chance to offset their carbon footprint during the booking process. The airline is hoping to achieve climate-neutral growth starting next year. It aims to achieve its goals via carbon offsetting, fuel savings as well as the modernization of its fleet.

Air France and British Airways have pledged to offset carbon emissions on domestic flights starting next year. Lufthansa Group has also announced it would offset carbon emissions on all European flights sold as Corporate Value Fares. For those who do not know, Austrian Airlines is a Lufthansa Group airline.

While carbon offsetting can be controversial, most airlines agree that it's a step in the right direction. Norwegian is trying to do more to become an environmentally friendly airline and is aiming to be climate neutral by 2050. It has been named one of the most environmentally friendly carriers and is constantly trying to reduce emissions through new initiatives.

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