Norwegian Air has just received permission from U.S. authorities to make transatlantic flights from its British division. The budget airline previously could only fly to the U.S. using its Norwegian and Irish fleet. The ability to fly from Gatwick in London will significantly improve what the carrier can offer to potential customers both in the United States and the UK.

Norwegian Air has been aggressively expanding its operations over the last year. The budget carrier purchased 200 new jets and has added several new domestic and transatlantic routes to its roster since 2016. The expansion has made the airline the third largest budget carrier in Europe.

Investors have been nervous about the expansion, and Norwegian stock has reflected these concerns. The airline's low cost method for transatlantic flights has caused worry among investors, but at this time, it has been a really successful move for the carrier.

Norwegian Air already operates out of Gatwick. At this airport alone, over 1,000 pilots and crew members are employed, and the airline has stated that this new access to the United States will result in several thousands more jobs being created.

Norwegian Air issued a statement that this new access will allow the carrier to operate in a seamless manner. It will provide customers with options for transatlantic travel at rates they can afford and to destinations that they desire. The airline further believes that the new routes will also help increase its presence in the United States, giving it an advantage it has not had before. Investors will surely be watching closely.

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