Norwegian Cruise Line just increased its fee for room service in a very quiet manner. Norwegian guests had been paying $7.95 per order up until the change. How much will it cost you now to enjoy room service when sailing with the cruise line? The new fee stands at $9.95. That means you'll be paying 25 percent more to have food delivered to your room the next time you sail with Norwegian.

Norwegian took a pretty under-the-radar approach to increasing its fee for room service. The fee amount was quietly changed at the bottom of the dining page on Norwegian's website. The fact that Norwegian has increased its fee for room service isn't what's upsetting so many customers. Many are bothered by the fact that Norwegian hit them with an increase of $2 instead of just raising the fee by a dollar.

Is Norwegian's increased fee for room service an indication that the rest of the industry will soon be raising fees? It's hard to say. Norwegian already had a reputation for charging a lot for room service before the latest fee hike. In fact, Norwegian has been charging the most for room service among its peers since some point in 2015. Royal Caribbean currently charges a fixed fee of $7.95 per order. Carnival charges fees ranging from $2 to $6 for select orders.

Is there any way around the higher fee for room service when sailing with Norwegian? Some guests can actually enjoy in-room treats without forking over more money. Norwegian is reminding customers that morning coffee, continental breakfast and orders placed by guests sailing in The Haven won't be subject to the fee of $9.95.

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