Due to weak demand and technical issues with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Norwegian Airlines is ending all long distance routes from Denmark and Sweden. Starting March 29, 2020, the airline will no longer offer flights between Stockholm and Copenhagen to the U.S. and Thailand.

Currently, Norwegian offers flights from Copenhagen and Stockholm to Los Angeles, Boston, New York, San Francisco and a few destinations in Florida. Flights from Oslo, Norway will still operate to the U.S. However, the airline is axing the Oslo-Bangkok route for next summer, and it has not made a decision on whether it will fly during the winter from Oslo to Bangkok and Krabi, a popular destination located on the southern coast of Thailand.

When compared to cities like Rome, Paris, Los Angeles and London, cities in Nordic countries don't offer a huge market, and the airline would simply rather concentrate on larger markets as it aims to return to profitability.

Currently, the airline is going through tough times. By expanding in more lucrative markets, Norwegian is hoping to return to profitability. With its recent announcement of cooperation with JetBlue and its plan to launch more routes between Denver and Chicago and Europe, the airline seems to be making a push for the transatlantic market.

Norwegian said that it plans to concentrate on increasing the frequency of flights between the U.S. and cities in Europe like Barcelona, London and Paris. However, it didn't offer any details at this time.
At this time, short and medium-haul flights are not affected by the cuts.

Image source: norwegian.com

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