Oneworld is on a mission to outdo the competition. The airline alliance counts giants like Cathay Pacific, British Airways, American Airlines and Qantas as part of its roster. However, rumors have been swirling regarding a possible exit by Qatar Airways in the months to come. Oneworld is responding by pushing harder to roll out new innovations and perks for customers. Much of the innovation coming from Oneworld revolves around using technology to make the travel experience seamless for travelers.

Oneworld made headlines recently when it announced that it was rolling out a new system that allows travelers to complete journeys using several airlines without having to go through the check-in process multiple times. Passengers will progressively get to obtain all boarding passes and access a full itinerary using a single carrier's website when making multi-carrier journeys using Oneworld alliance airlines. That's a very relevant perk when you consider that 8 million customers took multi-ticket trips in 2018.

Oneworld isn't stopping there. The alliance is also very focused on offering upgraded lounge experiences for customers at the moment. Alliance-branded lounges are moving in at major airports around the world. While we know that Oneworld wants to introduce at least three new lounges by 2020, the exact locations of the new lounges have yet to be revealed just yet. Oneworld executives have hinted that they plan to open a lounge at the new Beijing Daxing International Airport opening in 2019.

Will all of this be enough to convince Qatar Airways to remain a member of the Oneworld alliance? It's hard to say. Qatar is in the middle of making a radical transformation regarding its brand identity. What's more, tensions between Qatar and American Airlines are creating friction within the alliance. It's impossible to say what move Qatar will make. However, the spot it leaves may not remain empty for long if the airline does decide to exit the Oneworld alliance. Rumors are swirling that Aer Lingus is eyeing a return to the Oneworld alliance. Aer Lingus left the alliance back in 2006. However, new partnerships with American Airlines and British Airways are signaling that the Irish carrier may want to rejoin.

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