Oneworld continues to introduce new digital perks and offerings. The popular airline alliance just announced an expansion of its cutting-edge digital platform that could make catching your next connection much easier. The expansion will allow more customers to check in and get their boarding passes for connecting flights online or via the Oneworld app.

Oneworld travelers may already know that both Cathay Pacific and Qatar Airways are fully connected to the alliance's digital platform. Qantas also participates. However, it has now been announced that Iberia and Finnair will soon be joining the platform. We know that Iberia plans to give its customers the ability to check in and grab boarding passes for connecting flights through both Cathay Pacific and Qatar in a matter of days. Passengers planning to use Finnair connections through Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways and Iberia will be able to get boarding passes digitally very soon.

Oneworld claims that more than 8 million passengers make journeys using connections between member airlines each year. That's one of the reasons why developing a digital platform that allows for seamless multi-tier journeys is a priority for the alliance at the moment. Oneworld is currently working on digital services that will cover things like baggage tracking, seat selection and easy payments for extra baggage.

It's an exciting time for Oneworld across the board. The alliance has announced that Royal Air Maroc is set to become a full member airline by the early part of 2020. In addition, Oneworld is close to finalizing a location that will be used for the first branded Oneworld lounge in the world. Oneworld already offers lounge access to more than 650 lounges around the world. There are even talks in the works that will potentially bring on airlines from throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia as Oneworld Connect partners.

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