Not only does Las Vegas have a scorching hot summer, but it also actually can get pretty chilly - it even gets a dusting of snow every once in a while. This makes having pool parties year-round kind of difficult. In fact, most the time, Las Vegas hotels will only host fun pool parties in the middle of the very warm summer. The Palms Casino Resort, located just a few blocks west of the Las Vegas Strip, is doing something about that.

The Las Vegas hotel-casino is going to transform 'dayclub' partying into a year-round activity for visitors. The hotel plans to enclose one of its swimming pools, along with the surrounding cabanas, with transparent panels and a frame. The climate-controlled structure will be called the KAOS Dome, which coincides with the name of its KAOS Dayclub and Nightclub venue.

The clear structure will soar 70 feet high and cover 33,000 square feet of outdoor pool space. There will be 15 cabanas in total, many offering their own private pools. It will be the largest of its kind in Las Vegas. With the KAOS Dome, regardless of whether it is snowing or raining outside, or extremely cold, the party will go on.

According to Palms Casino Resort, the pool will close for construction on Sunday, September 15 and will re-open on October 31, for a 'Demon Dome' Halloween party with Cardi B headlining the act.

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