Princess Cruises has announced the cruise line increased its daily gratuity charge for the first time in three years. The cruise line has stated that the increase places it more in line with what the other cruise lines are charging.

Princess Cruises stated that guests will encounter several people each day who provide them with excellent service. In an effort to reward these crew members for their work, Princess Cruises collects the gratuities and divides them between its staff members after each cruise.

To ensure that it does not lose these highly skilled staff members, Princess Cruises wants to make sure that they are collecting the same amount as other cruise lines so that its employees are rewarded fairly.

The new pricing structure is as follows:

  • $14.50 per person per day for guests booked in a standard cabin
  • $15.50 per person per day for guests booked in a mini suite
  • $16.50 per person per day for guests booked in suites

Princess Cruises has stated that these prices will apply to all cruises departing on or after May 21st of this year. However, until May 14th, if you book your cruise online and prepay the gratuity charges, you can still get the lower rate.

Most cruise lines have implemented gratuity charges as part of the cost of sailing. Virgin Voyages has announced, however, that it will not charge a separate daily gratuity fee for its cruises. The unconventional cruise line has stated that all costs like these will be incorporated into the overall cost of its cruise ticket.

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