Qantas Airways has stated that the airline will begin enforcing its carry-on luggage policy more effectively starting immediately. The airline has revealed that there has been a loophole in its policy and that some passengers have been bringing baggage that is too large or too heavy on board.

Passengers who check in for their flights via the Internet have not been required to have their carry-on bags checked before boarding their flights. While most people stick with the luggage requirements, some have been bringing larger and heavier bags, causing a safety risk.

The airline has stated that many passengers have been complaining that there was no room for their carry-on bags because other passengers were bringing very large items with them. To help satisfy their passengers, the airline is going to begin checking bags as passengers board the aircraft.

Flyers who have bags that are too large or too heavy to be brought onto the plane will be required to check the bag as regular luggage. Qantas has made it clear that the carrier will not charge passengers for this service. However, the airline asks that all passengers try to meet the guidelines of carry-on luggage to avoid this issue from the very beginning.

This policy will be enforced on all of Qantas' domestic and international flights with immediate effect.

Qantas has one of the most generous carry-on baggage policies in Australia. The airline will allow you to bring one small bag, such as a handbag or a laptop, and one piece of luggage that does not exceed 15 pounds.

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