Qantas is extending all Qantas Club memberships by six months in response to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The automatic six-month extension applies to all paid Qantas Club memberships. All paid Qantas Club memberships with anniversary dates that fall between March 23 of 2020 and February of 2024 are included.

Qantas is also offering additional extensions for specific lounge perks. The expiration dates on the Qantas single-use lounge passes that are given to cardholders and Silver-grade frequent flyers are also being extended by six months. These passes offer entry to domestic Qantas Clubs and international Qantas Business lounges.

Qantas flight credits are also being extended. Travelers can now use flight vouchers up through Dec. 21 of 2021. Qantas is also allowing customers who are set to fly before July of this year to convert tickets to vouchers before April 30. You won't pay any extra fees if you take this option. Qantas is automatically extending all credits issued after Jan. 31 of 2020 until Dec. 31 of 2021. The reality is that there's a possibility that any flight you currently have booked could be canceled. In that case, Qantas will be required to issue you a full refund. That's just something to think about as you weigh your options regarding vouchers.

Lastly, Qantas will hold your status in place for an extra 12 months. That means that all Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum One statuses are being frozen in place. Your perks are protected even if you don't fly for a while.

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