Qantas Airways has announced that it will begin offering 10-minute meditation videos on all their flights to help passengers relax. The new guided meditation video series allows users to quickly enter into a sense of relaxation. As part of the viewing process for the videos, passengers will be able to select from five different Australian landscapes to focus on during the meditation process.

This is just one of the many entertainment options that Qantas has begun offering to their passengers. Qantas has also entered into agreements with Apple Music, Audible and Stan Streaming Service to offer their customers more choices in terms of in-flight entertainment.

Customers of Qantas will receive up to four months of free subscription to Apple Music. They will be able to download and enjoy a music selection of over 45 million songs. This subscription applies to all flights over the Qantas network.

Audible will offer Qantas customers one free download of a book per month for three months. All audible books are narrated, and passengers can simply sit back and listen to the audiobook.

Stan Streaming Service is currently available on all Qantas flights that offer Wi-Fi. For new customers, Stan will offer three months of unlimited access to all of their TV shows and movies.

Qantas has been working very hard to improve its in-flight entertainment options for its customers. The airline realizes that a majority of their flights are medium to long-haul destinations and that passengers need to feel comfortable and entertained during these long flights. Many flyers take the opportunity to catch up on movies and TV shows while flying, too.

Qantas is currently installing Wi-Fi across its fleet of Airbus A330's and Boeing 737's. The airline has partnered with ViaSat Wi-Fi service provider, and the product is 10 times faster than any on board Wi-Fi product the airline has offered in the past.

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