Qantas Airways is planning a big retirement for one of its planes in December. The Australian carrier has announced that it plans to retire the Boeing 747 it uses for its route between San Francisco and Sydney on Dec. 4 of this year. The plane will be replaced by a new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. That means that Qantas is switching from a plane with 353 seats to a plane with 236 seats. Travelers who use the daily service between San Francisco and Sydney that's offered by Qantas can look forward to a little more room after the switch is made.

This isn't the first time in recent history that Qantas has added a new Dreamliner into the mix. The carrier began using a Dreamliner for the direct flights between San Francisco and Melbourne that are offered four days per week. The San Francisco-Melbourne route was launched in September last year.

Travelers who fly in Business Class on the Dreamliner can look forward to direct aisle access and seats that recline into 80-inch beds. Premium Economy customers get to enjoy 38 inches of pitch and reclines of 9.5 inches. Economy passengers get seats that are 17.2 inches wide and provide 32 inches of pitch. What's more, there are perks like larger seat-back monitors and special holders for phones and tablets. Travelers also get to make use of USB and power ports offered in every seat in every cabin.

Qantas is in the process of receiving its new fleet of Dreamliners at a rapid pace. That means that the carrier will be able to retire its current fleet of 747 planes pretty quickly. In fact, word has it that all of the remaining 747's will be gone by the end of 2020.

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