Qantas knows where its bread is buttered. That's why the airline is setting aside more seats for reward travelers. The seat increase will primarily take place on the carrier's international flights. What's more, Qantas actually has a long list of new changes that are coming to the airline's loyalty program. Qantas is calling this the biggest overhaul in its entire 32-year history. Most Qantas Frequent Flyer program members will find that the updates are positive.

The first thing to know is that Qantas is spending $25 million to upgrade its loyalty program. Passengers will be able to snag a million more reward seats as part of the upgrade. Qantas is also reducing carrier charges significantly. In fact, charges will go down by as much as 50 percent in many cases. That adds up to savings that equal about $200 per journey for the average customer.

The way points are handled is also being revamped. Travelers are going to see reductions in the number of points they need when booking international Economy Classic Reward seats. However, more points will be required for upgrades and Classic Reward seats in premium cabins. Qantas is adding a tiered Points Club program for members who earn large chunks of their points when they're not flying. The last big change is something called Lifetime Platinum status that will provide perks for super-loyal customers.

There is also a digital component to the upgraded program. Qantas is rolling out a new platform that makes it easier for members to search for what they want. The airline is claiming that a full year's worth of reward seats can be displayed on your screen in less than five seconds. Many of the new changes have already been implemented. However, Qantas is letting its loyal customers know that it could be a full 12 months before all of the new options for reward seats are rolled out and ready.

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