Qatar Airways has officially announced the Doha-based carrier will begin reintroducing flights effective immediately. The airline hopes to reintroduce flights to at least 50 destinations by the end of May, and a total of 80 destinations by the end of June. These 80 destinations are spread across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Middle East/Africa.

The airline didn't shut down temporarily like some others, but it reduced almost all of its flights during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. However, Qatar Airways did keep flights to over 30 destinations active throughout the crisis to help over 1 million people return home as well as move over 100,000 tons of medical supplies into areas of highest need.

The airline has stated that it has taken considerable measures to make sure that passengers and staff remain protected during flights and that social distancing measures are followed. The carrier has also taken several extra steps to ensure that airport areas are also being managed in the same way to protect all passengers and staff.

Qatar Airways has made clear that it will continue to follow its goal of getting passengers to their destination safely and seamlessly. This was its goal before the pandemic outbreak and will continue to be its goal in the future.

A rep for the airline shared that short-haul flights will likely see the largest increase in use at first and followed gradually by long-haul flights. People will need to get used to flying again and feeling safe when they fly. Shorter flights will be a good start to help travelers feel comfortable with the idea of traveling by air again.

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