Quisine by Qatar Airways is here. The carrier has just unveiled its new dining experience for passengers flying with Economy Class. The new program is intended to elevate the dining experience and make it easier for travelers to plan meals without missing out on anything.

What can travelers look forward to now that Quisine is here? The dining program offers pre-dinner drink options for travelers on flights lasting five hours or more. There will also be some refreshments and cocktail snacks available before the main meal is served. Qatar Airways is also focusing on increasing portion sizes. Meals that are offered as part of the Quisine program are now bigger by anywhere from 25 percent to 50 percent. However, that doesn't mean that passengers now have to worry about counting calories a little more closely. The new meal options offer healthier takes on favorites. A big emphasis is being placed on using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Every meal is served with warm bread that is individually wrapped and a bottle of water.

Snack choices are getting better with Quisine, too. Qatar Airways is introducing a much wider snack selection full of treats that are just perfect for those moments when you want to get comfortable and get lost in a movie during flight. The expanded snack selection now includes chocolate bars, cheese with crackers and potato chips. The airline's new selection of popcorn offers flavors like French butter and Himalayan salted caramel. Qatar Airways is managing to upgrade its food offerings while paying close attention to reducing waste and sourcing ingredients responsibly. The carrier is drastically reducing the presence of single-use plastics on flights.

Scott Dylan is a contributing writer at GET.com and has been to (almost) every country in North, Central and South America with nothing more than a backpack, a laptop and the desire to explore. He speaks Spanish fluently and has logged enough time in planes, trains, rideshares, buses, taxis and rickshaws to know how to rack up rewards and points to get anywhere his heart desires for pennies on the dollar. Email: scott.dylan@get.com.