Rail travelers may need to be concerned about their data if they've used a platform called Rail Europe to book rail tickets in Europe recently. The platform is a popular choice among Americans planning trips throughout Europe. It was recently revealed that a data breach lasting a period of three months has put the payment information of customers at risk. Both credit cards and debit cards were targeted.

The data breach that is affecting Rail Europe customers took place between November of 2017 and February of 2018. Hackers were able to steal data by placing card-skimming malware on the company's website. Information regarding credit card numbers, expiration dates, and verification codes were all accessed by the hackers.

This means that the culprits had the information necessary to make fraudulent purchases using the stolen information. Personal information regarding Rail Europe customers was also stolen. This includes the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of customers. It is believed that the usernames and passwords of users of the company's website were also accessed by hackers.

It is unclear just how many customers were affected by the Rail Europe data breach. What is known is that the company served 5 million customers in 2017. Rail Europe is telling customers that it has since addressed its compromised systems. However, it has declined to say how hackers managed to successfully install card-skimming software in the first place.

Rail Europe customers are being advised to change their passwords. People who have booked tickets using Rail Europe recently are also being instructed to keep a close eye on their credit card statements to catch any fraudulent activity.

Pedro Pla is co-founder of GET.com. He has been around the globe several times and considers collecting air miles and points from credit cards to be a hobby, if not, an obsession. Email: p@get.com.