InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has come up with a room design so amazing that the company decided to patent it. IHG's WorkLife Room for the Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts brand has officially been patented. The show-stopping room is just one piece in IHG's $200 million overhaul for the Crowne Plaza brand.

The design of the WorkLife Room at Crowne Plaza is prized for being clean, modern and intentional. Its tech-enabled features are ideal for today's busy, highly connected travelers. Every detail of the WorkLife Room has been designed to deliver an optimal experience.

Even the furniture has been arranged to allow for television viewing from a bed, sofa and every other comfortable surface in a room. What is most notable about the WorkLife Room is the way its patented layout offers guests places that can be used to relax or to host work-related gatherings after hours. Features like multiple charging stations and televisions that are large enough to be used for presentations make the space highly versatile. Here are some of the highlights of the design:

  • An angled bed that creates more space
  • A cocooning headboard
  • Plush linens coupled with a Beautyrest mattress
  • A curated Sleep Advantage® kit that comes with aromatherapy lotions and spray
  • A sofa nook
  • A desk area
  • A welcome station where keys, jackets and bags can be kept
  • A bright, modern bathroom

One feature that business travelers are sure to appreciate is the WorkLife Room's lighting-fast wireless Internet. There's also on-demand meal ordering via tablet. Crowne Plaza's WorkLife Room is already available in properties around the United States. An additional 3,000 hotels will have WorkLife Rooms by some point during 2019. Travelers can look forward to enjoying these highly acclaimed rooms when visiting cities like San Jose, Atlanta and Cleveland and more.

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