After a successful trial period, Royal Caribbean has decided that it will implement its new facial recognition technology for passengers disembarking at specific ports. The new software has been shown to increase the speed and convenience of leaving the ship significantly. The new technology will be used at the Port of Miami and Cape Liberty, New Jersey.

Royal Caribbean and U.S. Customs and Border Protection have found that the new 3D technology developed by IDEMIA can accurately and quickly identify passengers. The new technology uses a multi-point facial scan system that compares the features of the person with ticketed passengers who initially boarded the ship. This has significantly improved the amount of time it takes to pass through customs.

Royal Caribbean believes this technology will also enhance the overall experience for its guests. After a cruise is completed, passengers are focused on one thing – going home. Long lines in customs, having to fumble for paperwork and waiting for a manual verification add to the stress of leaving the ship. By eliminating this through the use of facial recognition technology, passengers can exit the ship with ease.

Royal Caribbean and IDEMIA have both stated that to protect the privacy of the passengers, no information or pictures will be stored in their databases. The facial recognition files will only be used during the course of the cruise so that passengers can quickly pass through customs. The cruise line also shared it will introduce this technology at the Florida ports later in the year.

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