Cruise lovers have something big to celebrate. It has been announced that Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas will be docking in Singapore for six glorious months. The ship's six-month stay will begin this fall. However, this will just be an appetizer for an even longer stay that will take place in 2020. The ship will return in October of 2020 and offer 40 sailings during a period that will last until April of 2021. Guests who book journeys during this seven-month period will be able to sail to exciting destinations like Port Klang and Penang.

The docking of Quantum of the Seas in Singapore for six months will mark the longest Singapore stay for a Royal Caribbean ship that's part of the Quantum Class tier. Quantum of the Seas is a state-of-the-art ship that contains 18 decks. It can carry nearly 5,000 passengers per journey.

The list of things to do while sailing on Quantum of the Seas includes using a simulated wave rider, enjoying an outdoor movie experience, using a skydiving simulator, watching original productions, enjoying cocktails at an assortment of world-class bars and dining on world-class cuisine. In addition, guests can dine on locally themed dishes and treats.

Guests who set sail on Quantum of the Seas this fall will be able to book cruises that last between four nights and seven nights. Destinations throughout Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam will be included in Royal Caribbean's itineraries. There will also be special itineraries that will cover 12 nights and bring guests to China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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