Ryanair is a low-cost airline that offers a no-frills experience. While some people can take cheap flights all over Europe with Ryanair and have a relatively good experience, others aren't so satisfied.

Ryanair passengers rated the airline quite low. In fact, it was just rated the worst in the world for short-haul travel. Whether you are talking about boarding, comfort of seats, food and beverages, customer service or cabin environment, Ryanair didn't fare well. It even scored low in the value for money category, which is usually considered a strength for the budget airline. Overall, customer satisfaction was only 44 percent.

One of the biggest complaints about Ryanair is that things that were included previously have to be paid for out of pocket. For example, Ryanair is the only major airline that has an additional charge for taking a cabin bag on board. Having to pay extra for things that used to be free bothered many in the survey.

While Ryanair rated as the worst airline for short-haul travel probably won't come as a shock to many, the fact that British Airways also scored poorly would probably come as a surprise. Spanish low-cost airline Vueling chalked up a 54 percent customer satisfaction rate, while British Airways only scored a meagre one percent higher. Surprisingly, airlines like EasyJet and Wizz Air fared better than British Airways.

On another note, American Airlines was rated as the worst in the world for long-haul flights. American received a 48 percent customer satisfaction rating. On the other hand, also not surprising, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic and Singapore Airlines were all rated highly for long-haul flights.

The surveys were conducted by Which?. The organization surveyed more than 6,500 passengers about their recent experiences with airlines and their seat comfort, quality of food and drinks, value and customer service.

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