The Boeing 737 Max is not expected to return to skies anytime soon. While there had been hope that the airplane would return in September, that isn't going to happen. Ryanair reckons it could be December until the airplane is cleared to fly again.

The airline originally planned its roster based on the delivery of 58 new 737 Max aircraft by 2020, but it only expects to receive 30 of them now. In response, Ryanair has revealed the carrier is going to cancel some flights in addition to closing some 'loss-making' airport bases starting in November.

The airline hasn't yet shared which airports it will stop servicing when November rolls around. Some 'underperforming' airport bases will suffer from short-term cuts in flights, too. Ryanair hopes to restore growth to 'normal levels' by the summer of 2021; Europe's biggest low-cost carrier is bracing itself for approximately two years of disruption caused by the unfortunate 737 Max grounding.

Other airlines are also struggling with the 737 Max grounding. Just recently, both American Airlines and United Airlines took the 737 Max off their schedules all the way through early November, further extending flight cancellations. The 737 Max grounding is undeniably affecting airlines and passengers around the world negatively.

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