San Francisco International Airport just confirmed it plans to expand and improve the security screening checkpoints at its International Departures Hall. Under the new plan, the departures hall will get more lanes and space for flyers to line up before going through security. Flyers will also have access to more space to reorganize their bags and put their shoes on after going through security.

The checkpoints are expected to offer 33 percent more screening lanes, which should provide travelers with an improved and smoother security experience.

During the construction phase, the airport will place construction walls in front of existing security checkpoints. SFO Museum exhibits and information booths will also be moved to offer more room for pre-security screening. Once the project is completed, it is anticipated that the size of each security checkpoint will be doubled.

The airport predicts that it will complete the project by February 2021. It will offer ten security lanes in each of the new checkpoints. In addition, once the departures hall reopens, the airport will install traditional lanes. The project will allow for the traditional lanes to be converted into automated screening lanes in the future.

The airport has increased international passenger numbers by nearly 50 percent in the last five years. For this reason, the project is much-needed and will enhance the current security screening process, all while paving way for future improvements.

The upgrades at the security screening checkpoints are part of an overall larger project. San Francisco International Airport is investing $152 million to improve its international terminal.

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