Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is thrilled to announce the airline has launched sustainable packaging aboard its flights. The newly launched design of the New Nordic by SAS food concept cube is expected to save up to a whopping 51 tons of plastics annually. That's how significant the airline's new design concept is.

What has changed? The new design essentially replaces the inside plastic container of the cube with a paper one. The innovative paper material used is actually made of Forest Stewardship Council-approved paper with an organic plant-based plastic coating.

The airline has made it clear it is unable to fully cut out plastic from being used due to food safety requirements. As some form of plastic is often necessary, the plant-based plastic coating is the best solution available right now.

Also, Scandinavian Airlines will introduce a new cutlery kit, starting progressively in December 2019. The carrier projects the new cutlery will be found in every cube by May of next year. The most exciting piece of news is that the plant-based plastics used in the new cutlery is made from vegetable oil and is designed to be compostable.

Instead of giving a fixed set of cutlery to all passengers at every meal, the new kits will be adapted to each meal in that only cutler that is required will be provided. This is to cut down on wastage.

That's not all. Wet wipes will be offered upon request and paper napkins made from recycled materials will be used to wrap the cutlery instead of the traditional wasteful plastic wrap we are all too familiar with.

The carrier is working hard to reduce overall plastic usage and wastage on its flights. Not only is Scandinavian Airlines working on its sustainability goals through product offerings that customers enjoy, the airline is also investing in newer, more environmentally-friendly aircraft to reduce its carbon emissions now and into the future. Scandinavian Airlines is also committed to increasing its use of biofuel as well as supporting the development of electric aircraft.

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