Ride-share vehicles have been causing some big headaches at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). However, a new solution could help to make life a little easier for travelers and drivers. It was only a month ago that the airport introduced a new strategy for handling ride-share vehicles. However, traffic issues weren't eased significantly enough by those changes. More parking spaces are now being introduced to accommodate ride-share passengers using the airport.

The big problem at SFO at the moment is that Lyft and Uber passengers are causing major congestion on East Millbrae Avenue. The line of traffic that is caused by passengers trying to make domestic departures is actually extending all the way to Highway 101. Residents of a town called Millbrae are being forced to deal with ride-share traffic on a daily basis. Some airport visitors have reported that simply making it inside the existing designated lots for ride-share vehicles is taking between 30 minutes and 40 minutes. What's more, side streets located around the airport are essentially becoming default parking areas for ride-sharing vehicles.

How does SFO plan to address the ongoing traffic problem? It was announced last week that the airport would be opening a lot that contains an additional 244 parking spaces. This will be the third lot that is dedicated to ride-share traffic. The lot officially opened on Friday. Officials from SFO have been reaching out to representatives from companies like Uber and Lyft to get the word out that drivers have some extra parking room to work with when serving customers using SFO.

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