Silversea Cruises has announced that it will host two world cruises in 2021. The high demand for passage on the 2019 and 2020 voyages has caused the cruise line to increase its offerings for the 2021 travel season. Silversea Cruises has stated that the two cruises being offered in 2021 are very different from each other, so it may be hard to choose the one you would like to enjoy.

The Uncharted World Tour will last for 167 days and will stop at 107 different ports in 30 countries. It will venture to places that many people have only heard of, and several that they may not. The voyage will include many exploration opportunities so that passengers can experience these new and exotic destinations first-hand. The cruise will also feature many guest speakers and host many special events.

The Finest World Tour begins in Ft. Lauderdale and lasts for 150 days. During that period, guests will explore some of the most exciting places on earth, including Antarctica. You will stop at 54 different ports in 34 different countries and end your tour in New York City. The tour is filled with many different hands-on exploration experiences, special guest speakers and events as well as a chance to meet some of the most well-known explorers of the day.

Silversea Cruises has stated that the cost of the package for a two-bedroom stateroom on these cruises is just shy of $1 million. However, everything from Business Class airfare to laundry service during the entire cruise is included. All excursions, food, events, and guest speakers are included in the price. Additionally, Silversea Cruises will also include visa packages for each guest so they will not have to worry about entering the different ports.

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