You're in for new and luxurious experiences in the future if you routinely fly with Singapore Airlines (SIA). The airline just made a major announcement regarding plans to retrofit 14 of its Airbus A380 aircraft. The airline has been flying this popular option for nearly a decade without making upgrades or enhancements of this scope. The last overhaul of aircraft interiors performed by the airline was four years ago.

Passengers can anticipate comfort-focused upgrades and rearranged cabins when the project is complete. While Singapore Airlines has only released a few details so far, the company has promised to unveil a detailed timeline for the project by the end of 2017. Major details could potentially be shared with the public by November.

What Passengers Can Probably Expect From The Singapore Airlines Makeover

There's no doubt that Singapore Airlines is taking on this makeover project in an attempt to compete with other global airlines as well as offer passengers comfortable, modern experiences. There are a few key areas that are likely to be included as part of the improvements. Here are some upgrades that passengers can potentially look forward to when flying with Singapore Airlines once the project is complete:

  • New and comfortable seats across all classes
  • Upgrades to inflight entertainment features
  • Expansion and movement of suites in First Class

Any of these upgrades would certainly be good news for travelers who use Singapore Airlines. Business travelers and elite travelers would have the most to gain if the airline does go through with making pods in First Class larger than they already are.

Is there a way that loyal customers of Singapore Airlines can get a taste of the airline's commitment to bringing exclusive and cutting-edge perks to travelers before the cabin upgrades are done?

You can actually get a taste of the airline's vision in the digital arena by downloading the Singapore Airlines mobile app. The airline is aggressively adding new features to enhance the experiences of passengers. Downloading the app will introduce you to a digital library full of publications that can be enjoyed during flights.

Singapore Airlines is also beefing up its KrisFlyer loyalty program. The program recently expanded to partner with 200 entities that range from banks and hotels to retail brands and rental companies.

Why Singapore Airlines Is Going Above And Beyond For Passengers

All airlines are locked in an intense battle to offer the best perks and earn customer loyalty. Singapore Airlines is in a unique position because it is directly pitted against popular airlines from the Middle East when it comes to being the preferred carrier to and from specific destinations.

Much of the airline's motivation for upgrading aircraft, rolling out high-tech options and desirable partnerships is undoubtedly tied to the impressive upgrades that were recently unveiled by Qatar Airways. The popular carrier from the Middle East just launched a premium product called Qsuite.

For those who don't know yet, Qsuite offers double beds, adjustable privacy panels, movable television monitors and many more options that afford elite travelers the opportunity to configure their private suites to adjust for flying alone or with a group. Singapore Airlines will likely try to offer a product that competes directly with Qsuite as it reinvents its own elite pods.

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