As of January 20, 2018, Singapore Airlines will start offering a new fare structure. The airline has unbundled its fare packages to allow passengers to select and pay for only the seating and services that they specifically desire. Singapore Airlines stated that this new fare structure will allow passengers to purchase exactly what they want in terms of seating and amenities.

The new fares will include: Lite, Standard and Flexi. Each of these categories will apply to each class of seating.

Economy seating will see the most changes. For those who select Economy Lite, you will have to pay for advanced seating selection, and you will only earn KrisFlyer Miles at a rate of 50 percent. Cancellations and upgrades will not be allowed, and changing or missing a flight will now have an associated charge.

Economy Flexi seating, however, will earn 100 percent of all KrisFlyer miles, receive complimentary advanced seating and flight changes and can upgrade their seating. Cancellations and no-shows will still have an associated fee. The Standard Economy package falls in the middle of these two types, offering 75 percent earned mileage, free advanced seating, but charges for other perks.

Premium Economy seating will only offer Standard and Flexi options, with the latter being the most beneficial to fliers. Business Class will offer all three types of fare selections, while First Class will remain unchanged.

Each of these new categories will impact the cost of the ticket. However, if travelers are looking for something quick and do not want a lot of options, the new selections will allow them to save on airfare.

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