Singapore Airlines just launched farm-to-plane meals on its flights from Newark to Singapore, where its veggies are grown less than five miles from Newark Liberty International Airport. The airline partnered with AeroFarms, which produces vegetables in vertically stacked layers in an indoor facility, to make this happen.

Singapore Airlines is aiming to reduce its carbon footprint by offering produce that is grown right down the road, and at the same time, the award-winning airline wants to offer delicious and nutritious food.

Those flying in Business Class on the 19-hour flight from Newark to Singapore can enjoy fresh vegetables that were picked days, or even perhaps hours, before the flight.

AeroFarms was launched in 2004 with the goal of building and operating environmentally responsible farms all over the world. The company wants to offer tasty and healthy food that is safer to eat than traditionally grown food. It does not use herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. Plus, its indoor farming practice uses a whopping 95% less water than traditionally field-farmed food.

Previously, Singapore Airlines would have to buy its greens from companies in California, Florida and Mexico. By having the source right near the airport, the airline can cut down on its carbon footprint, reduce shipping waste and provide fresher food altogether.

While the airline only offers AeroFarms' food to those in Business Class, the plan is to expand in due time. In the future, the carrier wants to offer AeroFarms' produce to those in Premium Economy. The A350-900ULR aircraft that's used to operate the Newark-Singapore route offers Business Class and Premium Economy seats.

If the collaboration with AeroFarms proves to be successful, Singapore Airlines hopes to work with other farms, both traditional and vertical, in other U.S. markets. Cities that Singapore Airlines serves such as Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco may be up next.

In November, flyers in Business Class on flights between Newark and Singapore can enjoy AeroFarms Mixed Salad Greens, with a sprinkle of lemon vinaigrette, along with asparagus, creamy avocado and broccolini, complete with hot smoked salmon.

In December, Business Class passengers can enjoy a salad with soy-poached chicken along with a pickled ginger vinaigrette, AeroFarms baby pak choi, zucchini ribbons and either sweet potatoes or Japanese pumpkin.

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