Singapore Airlines has announced that it has started offering free Wi-Fi to passengers traveling in First and Business Class as well as those traveling in Suites. In an official letter to clients, Singapore Airlines revealed the complimentary service started on February 14th and is now available in all of its Airbus A380 and A350 planes as well as its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

Passengers flying in top-tier Suites and First Class will receive 100MB of free Wi-Fi. Business Class passengers will receive 30MB. Additionally, any passenger who is a member of the Priority Passenger Service (PPS) Club will receive 30MB of free Wi-Fi regardless of his or her seating choice - including Economy or Premium Economy - when traveling in the above-mentioned aircraft types.

The airline has not stated what the cost for Wi-Fi access will be for those who do not meet these guidelines.

Singapore Airlines has joined the ranks of airlines who are offering this service for free on their long-haul flights. In 2014, Emirates began offering 10MB of free Wi-Fi to all passengers who flew on the Airbus A380. The airline has since increased this to 20MB within the first two hours of logging in.

Emirates also provides unlimited Wi-Fi access for free to Platinum and Gold members of the airline's Emirates Skywards frequent flyer program as well as to those flying in Business and First Class. Turkish Airways, another competitor in the region, also provides free Wi-Fi services on most of its long-haul flights. While in-flight Wi-Fi speeds are not always impressive and airlines don't always offer enough bandwidth to stream Netflix, flyers will have no problem accessing social media or sending emails.

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