Singapore Airlines has announced that effective immediately, all passengers on Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and Scoot flights will now be required to wear a self-provided face mask during the entire flight. Passengers are also encouraged to wear masks while in the airport, during boarding and when disembarking the plane.

The airline further stated that all crew members are currently wearing masks and and goggles or eye visors during flights to reduce contact with each other and passengers. Pilots and cabin crew members also have their temperatures taken before each flight. All magazines and menus have been removed from flights, and social distancing standards are in effect. Passengers are also encouraged to comply with distancing requirements when using the restrooms.

Flyers will also have to provide a verbal health statement before boarding and have their temperature checked. Other global carriers Emirates, Air Canada, KLM and Air France have also made face masks mandatory. Air France also announced that temperature checks for all passengers are now in effect.

Singapore Airlines has stated that meals will continue to be served on most flights at a limited capacity. Flights within Southeast Asia and to China will not have a meal service. Instead, passengers on these flights will be given a bag comprising snacks and refreshments along with bottled water upon entering the plane.

The airline further stated that it has been taking additional precautions to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. More intensive cleaning standards are in place using medical-grade cleaners, and a new HEPA filtration system has been placed in the aircraft to help clean the air more thoroughly.

Singapore Airlines is currently only flying to 15 destinations. It has extended its flight cancellations through the end of June to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. The airline has not stated when it will begin to add flights back to its drastically reduced roster.

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