Looking to maximize your credit card rewards? Besides checking out the no annual fee credit cards that you could possibly qualify for, there are some things you ought to know if you want to rack up credit card rewards without having to spend unnecessarily month after month. Below, we at GET.com share some useful tips to help you get started on your credit card rewards journey on the right foot.

1. Aim to get a credit card offering a generous bonus offer

Credit cards with welcome bonus offers are your best bet to earning rewards quickly. Depending on the specific card you are interested in, the bonus offer in question could be rewards points, miles, or even cash. These credit cards are only available to people with excellent or good credit, and you are usually required to spend a certain amount on purchases with the card within a certain period after account opening before you can consider that generous bonus offer yours. It helps if you plan your purchases ahead of time!

But of course, it is imperative that you choose a credit card that's ideal for you, based on your own unique spending habits and lifestyle needs. If your credit score is up to par, be sure to keep a lookout for the best credit cards with bonus offers.

2. Make sure your go-to rewards credit card lets you earn unlimited rewards

Make sure the main rewards credit card you reach for lets you earn unlimited rewards that do not have an expiry date so long as your account is active and in good standing. Many good rewards credit cards on the market let you earn and accumulate rewards on literally every purchase you make, with some also letting you earn accelerated rewards on certain categories, such as travel, dining, entertainment, supermarket purchases, gas, transit, streaming subscriptions and more.

As much as possible, charge your purchases and all that you would have had to pay anyway to your rewards credit card. Not only do you get to track your expenses easily thanks to itemized billing, but you also get to earn credit card rewards on most, if not everything you spend on, including groceries, utilities, cell phone bills, restaurant dining, gas and more. You can learn more about how rewards credit cards work here.

3. Never carry balances on your credit cards

Paying your credit card bills in full before their due date is part of the equation when it comes to making sure your credit card rewards really count. This is the most important habit all credit cardholders should try to adopt.

By not carrying any balance, you avoid hefty interest charges as well as a host of other fees related to making late or returned payments etc. These charges and fees can erode the value of your credit card rewards in the blink of an eye if you aren't careful.

Denise Bay is a staff writer at GET.com. Email: denise.bay@get.com.