In an effort to increase short haul-flights, Southwest Airlines is running a promotion from the Oakland International Airport for passengers who use TSA PreCheck security lines. If a passenger waits for over 10 minutes in the TSA security line, Southwest will give the traveler a voucher for 2,500 Rapid Rewards Bonus Points.

It is that simple. Wait too long, get free points. The airline has stated that if you have waited over 10 minutes in the TSA line, simply go to the Southwest counter and inform the representative. You will be given the voucher - no questions asked.

The company has stated that this pilot promotion will go on through the end of June this year. If successful, the airline will implement the program in other airports that use the TSA security lines.

While this is a very promising program, there is one little drawback. Southwest is operating this program from Terminal 2 at Oakland International Airport, where it is the only airline to use this terminal. It will be much easier to track this program here, but real results could only actually be seen in airports where other airlines are also using TSA checkpoints at the same time.

Southwest has stated that this program is part of its marketing efforts to increase more short-haul flights. Short-haul flights never really recovered after 9/11, and the airline would like to change that. The carrier has stated that it has chosen Oakland for this promotion because California seems to be the only place where short-haul flights are starting to see a comeback.

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