Southwest plans to cut nearly 20 routes at the beginning of 2020. Southwest is claiming that the cuts are being made in response to supply and demand. The speculation among some industry insiders and passengers is that Southwest is actually making room on its schedule for its new routes to Hawaii.

New Southwest flights to Hawaii will kick off in January. Many of the new flights can be booked cheaply each way. Of course, that news probably isn't comforting for the passengers who rely on Southwest's soon-to-be erased flights.

All of the routes that Southwest plans to cut in January are direct routes. Travelers flying in or out of Boston, Orlando and Los Angeles have the most to lose. Here's a look at some of the abandoned routes:

  • Austin to San Francisco.
  • Boston to Atlanta.
  • Boston to Kansas City.
  • Boston to Milwaukee.
  • Columbus to Oakland.
  • Dallas Love Field to Jacksonville.
  • Dallas Love Field to Oklahoma City.
  • Dallas Love Field to San Francisco.
  • Fort Lauderdale to Jacksonville.
  • Los Angeles to Cancun.
  • Los Angeles to Omaha.
  • Los Angeles to Pittsburgh.
  • Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta.
  • New York's LaGuardia to Orlando.
  • Orlando to Oakland.
  • Orlando to Sacramento.
  • Orlando to San Jose.

Southwest customers will still be able to get between many of the cities that are being impacted. However, at least one stop will be required. Extra stops mean that travel times will be doubled or tripled for many travelers.

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