Travelers get pretty excited when airlines drop rates. However, the opposite is true when airlines start dropping routes. That means you might be disappointed to hear that Southwest Airlines will be adjusting its schedule and dropping a number of routes next year. We now know that direct flights from Boston to Atlanta, Kansas City and Milwaukee will be going away in 2020. Those flights will stop beginning Jan. 6. That is the date when Southwest's new winter schedule kicks in.

Southwest also has plans to stop direct routes from Dallas Love Field to Oklahoma City, San Francisco and Jacksonville next year. The airline is justifying the changes by saying that dropping these routes will make it possible to invest in other high-demand routes for its Dallas customers.

The short-haul route that Southwest offers between Oklahoma City and Dallas takes just 36 minutes of time in the air. That means that travelers who rely on the route may be disappointed when it disappears in January. Travelers will still be able to get between Dallas and Oklahoma City using Southwest. However, a stop will now be necessary and the travel time could double or even triple. Most travelers will be routed through Houston when the change becomes effective in 2020.

Southwest is adding a new route from Oklahoma City to Nashville. In addition, the number of flights offered from Oklahoma City to Phoenix and Houston will be increasing.

Passengers should also know that Southwest plans to reduce service from Boston to Austin and Dallas between January and the early part of March. However, that change is simply part of Southwest's annual seasonal route adjustment.

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