Earlier this summer, Mallorca, Spain, got its first female-only hotel. The hotel aims to offer comfort, healthy living and relaxation to female guests aged 14 and older. It has a Mediterranean vibe, and guests can look forward to enjoying plenty of relaxation while stress melts away.

The Som Dona Women Only Hotel has a rooftop bar and a sprawling pool. But that's not all it offers. There is an on-site spa that offers treatments geared toward women. There are also women-focused fitness classes available. After a spa day or a long exercise, guests can enjoy wine tastings and delicious food.

It isn't a huge resort offering hundreds of rooms. The hotel offers 39 tastefully decorated rooms with thoughtful amenities such as anti-fog bathroom mirrors, special hangers for delicate clothing and professional-grade hairdryers. And of course, free Wi-Fi is provided throughout the property.

There is an on-site restaurant that focuses on dishing out healthy dishes using seasonal produce. The restaurant aims to offer healthy and sustainable food that is also flavorful to boot.

The property is conveniently located about 15 minutes by foot from the very famous Playa de Porto Cristo, a public beach where many locals and visitors alike visit.

The hotel opened in June, and it's promising that it will offer a number of packages focusing on wellness and health in the future. It is also looking to offer packages to bring solo female travelers together to socialize and explore the array of cultural offerings Mallorca has to offer.

The Som Dona Women Only Hotel is affordable, and on weeknights, guests may even get to pay under 80 euros a night for a room. Guests can book directly via the hotel's website. The hotel offers packages with breakfast and other meals included. All rooms offer a private balcony and a flat-screen TV.

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