You're going to notice some changes if you fly with Spirit Airlines this fall. The carrier just unveiled new seats that offer more usable legroom for passengers to enjoy. Spirit Airlines customers traveling in middle seats will enjoy an extra inch of width, too.

In addition, the airline's old seat cushions have been swapped out for thicker cushions. Plus, all passengers will get to enjoy ergonomically-designed lumbar support as well as approximately an extra inch of pre-recline compared to what the existing seats currently offer.

Passengers who book the Big Front Seat option offered by Spirit Airlines for an extra fee are in for some true luxury. Those seats now have cushions and headrests made with memory foam. The new seats will arrive in November. However, it could be a while before you actually get to sit in one if you fly with the carrier - the new seats will be rolled out progressively, starting in November and continuing through 2020.

The upgrades that are being rolled out by Spirit this fall go beyond seating. The blue interiors that you're used to seeing when boarding Spirit flights will be gone. Spirit is updating the colors inside its planes to black and yellow. In addition, the carrier has decided to do away with tiny tray tables. Travelers will now enjoy full-sized tray tables instead. The airline has one of the youngest fleets among all of the carriers in the United States. A new plane is added to Spirit's fleet every month.

More upgrades are still to come from Spirit. The carrier is in the middle of a campaign that is focused on investing in passengers. Customers can look forward to little enhancements that will improve the overall experience of flying with Spirit. A big emphasis is being placed on improving on-time performance. Spirit is also working to offer Wi-Fi on every plane.

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