Spirit Airlines, a Florida-based ultra-low-cost carrier, has announced that it plans to start offering routes to Canada in the near future. The new CEO of the airline has been aggressively expanding the airline's destinations since taking over in January, and Canada is on the to-do list for the airline.

Most of the destinations that Spirit Airlines has been focusing on for its expansion has been to warmer areas like the Caribbean and Mexico. However, the company just announced six new daily flights to Nashville that will operate throughout the year from six different airports. Additional new flights will be announced as they are confirmed.

Spirit Airlines has seen significant growth in all its locations, including flights to Las Vegas. The route connecting Las Vegas and Orlando has experienced a 25 percent growth in just three months. This is very encouraging for the airline.

At this time, the closest to Canada that Spirit Airlines lands is New York by Niagara Falls. The airline has stated that some Canadian customers don't mind crossing the border to catch a cheaper flight to southern destinations, but the carrier would like to reach a larger portion of customers who would prefer to get on their planes in Canada.

The CEO of Spirit Airlines has stated that plans are in the works for Canadian stops, but there are many negotiations and government approvals that must be covered before things can become a reality. Spirit Airlines is anticipating a large increase in its business over the next year and is likely to place a huge order for new aircraft soon.

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