Star Alliance, the largest airline alliance in the world, is pleased to announce its latest partnership with NEC Corporation that will let frequent flyer program customers of Star Alliance member airlines enjoy a simpler, yet seamless travel experience in the near future. The airline alliance has 27 members, including Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, EVA Air, ANA, Air New Zealand, Lufthansa, Thai Airways, SWISS and more.

As a global leader in IT, network and biometric technologies, NEC has been tasked to develop a cutting-edge biometric data-based identification platform designed to markedly improve travelers' experience. This endeavor will, of course, take some time before it becomes a reality. Star Alliance and NEC have hinted that they plan to introduce the first biometric solution at a Star Alliance airport hub by Q1 2020.

When all is said and done, Star Alliance airlines' frequent flyer program members who choose to authorize the use of their biometric data will get to enjoy a fuss-free, seamless passenger experience right from curb to gate.

Travelers can count on a state-of-the-art identity management solution that utilizes facial recognition technology to confirm their identiy at various biometric touch points within participating airports - such as at check-in kiosks, bag-drop kiosks, airport lounges, as well as boarding gates - whenever they fly with a Star Alliance carrier.

Those who are interested in the service will only be required to enrol once using a couple of simple steps on their mobile device. More information should be made available in time to come. To give travelers peace of mind, it has been promised that passengers' personal data, including photo and other identification details, will be encrypted and stored securely within the platform.

Even though a biometric identification system lets flyers skip the traditional boarding pass and passport in most instances, travelers may still be required to produce their passport during security and immigration procedures. Keep that in mind and take your passport with you when you travel!

Star Alliance and NEC are both incredibly motivated to improve the customer experience for Star Alliance customers. For Star Alliance, it is its hope that the improved experience will contribute to customers' heightened loyalty to Star Alliance member airlines in this increasingly competitive travel ecosystem. Also, airports and Star Alliance member airlines should see a boost in their operational efficiencies as well.

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