China's Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is getting a new Star Alliance lounge this year. We don't have a lot of details yet regarding what the new lounge will look like. However, what is officially known so far is that Star Alliance has signed a memorandum of understanding that means all parties have agreed to allocate space for a future lounge.

We also know that the new lounge is part of a larger plan to develop new gate and check-in facilities at Terminal 1 inside the Guangzhou airport. The new facilities will be used by Star Alliance carriers. The 10 confirmed carriers that will utilize the gates are Singapore Airlines, Air China, Thai Airways, ANA, Egyptair, Ethiopian Airlines, EVA Air, Shenzhen Airlines, Asiana and Turkish Airlines.

Star Alliance already operates seven branded lounges around the world. Those lounges are located in Rome, Paris, Rio, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Nagoya and São Paulo. In addition to developing a new lounge in China this year, Star Alliance also has plans to bring a new branded lounge to Amsterdam. Branded lounges serve to strengthen the value of Star Alliance membership. Access to premium lounges is seen as a key benefit for premium travelers who fly using airlines that are part of the Star Alliance network.

Star Alliance lounges are known for their sleek designs, calming atmospheres and premium culinary options. Guests can also take advantage of Wi-Fi access while visiting Star Alliance lounges. No opening date has been announced for the newest lounge in China. However, the new lounge in Amsterdam is set to open during the first quarter of this year.

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