It's match time at United Airlines. The carrier is running a rare promotion that's aimed at taking a swipe at the competition. The MileagePlus Premier Status Match Challenge is a 90-day event that's allowing devoted Delta and American customers to get a taste of what MileagePlus has to offer.

The MileagePlus Premier Status Match Challenge gives travelers the option to try out the MileagePlus status tier that is equal to the status tiers of competing carriers. You will need to apply before you can take part in this promotion. In addition, there are some stipulations to know about. Here they are:

  • You cannot transfer your status to MileagePlus if you only have status with a competing airline via a similar challenge/promotion.
  • You cannot reapply for a status match if you've already done this program within the past five years.
  • You cannot earn a higher status than the status you applied for within the 90-day period of the promotion.

What happens after the 90 days? You will need to do some maintenance work to keep your status with Untied. United will require you to complete a certain number of flights within a second 90-day window. Here's what that looks like for each tier:

  • Fly four qualifying flights and earn 1,000 points for Premium Silver.
  • Fly six qualifying flights and earn 2,000 points for Gold.
  • Fly 10 qualifying flights and earn 3,000 points for Platinum.

You can go ahead and apply for the MileagePlus Premier Status Match Challenge here. Most people who apply will hear back within seven to 14 days. Keep in mind that you'll need a MileagePlus account to sign up. The program will consider all applications submitted from Jan. 3 to Dec. 31 of this year.

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