Are you a big fan of Nutella? There's a new way to combine your love of travel with your love of snacking on the popular hazelnut spread! A Nutella-themed hotel is opening up in Napa Valley. Unfortunately, Hotella Nutella will only be open for a very limited time.

Hotella Nutella will open its doors from Jan. 10 through Jan. 12 of next year. It's actually impossible to book a room at the hotel on your own. The hotel will welcome just three lucky winners who participate in a contest that is being offered by Nutella. The contest opened on Nov. 13 and will run until midnight on Dec. 8, 2019.

Here's what's on the table for the winners of the Hotella Nutella Weekend Breakfast Experience:

  • Air transportation for the winner and one travel companion.
  • Accommodations for three days and two nights at the hotel.
  • Ground transportation between the airport and the hotel.
  • A creative Nutella-based breakfast experience.

Food Network's Geoffrey Zakarian will be at Hotella Nutella to entertain guests with some fun breakfast ideas. In addition, pancake artists will be brought in to show guests how to make some fluffy companions for Nutella. Nutella hasn't released many more details regarding what guests will be doing at the hotel. It's probably okay to assume that the winner will have plenty of time to do sightseeing in Napa Valley.

The truth is that Hotella Nutella isn't really a hotel at all. The concept is part of a marketing promotion for Nutella. However, the free airfare and overnight stays that come with the contest are definitely real. You can enter the contest through the official Hotella Nutella website here.

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