The countdown to the opening of The Bell continues till August. The Taco Bell-inspired resort is nestled in Palm Springs. The Bell is a limited-time promotion, so Taco Bell enthusiasts need to act quickly if they want to be a part of this pop-up resort.

Taco Bell is finally releasing some details about the resort, although the company is keeping a lot of the information under wraps so visitors to the resort can genuinely enjoy the surprises in store.

Taco Bell will introduce some new products the fast food company is testing to gauge the response. The resort will also feature special dishes created from locally sourced foods that will only be available at the resort. At this time, the fast food company has not released exact details on what foods guests can expect when they are at the pop-up resort. That said, 'traditional' Taco Bell food items will surely be available for guests to enjoy.

The pool area will be taco-themed, and guests can enjoy music spun by DJs throughout the day, in addition to special concerts held at night. Taco Bell has not released details about who will be performing on the concert nights; it is meant to be a surprise.

Taco Bell resort wear will also be available, including swimwear and pool floats inspired by sauce packets and really cool sunglasses. These special items will also be available for sale after the pop-up resort closes.

More fun things are planned according to a source at Taco Bell. However, the company does not want to reveal all of the information because it wants everyone who books a stay at the resort to truly enjoy the experience, including the anticipation of 'what's next?'

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