Beginning on June 1, 2019, TAP Air Portugal will begin offering five times a week flights between Lisbon, Portugal and Chicago O'Hare International Airport. The new flights offer passengers a direct route to Lisbon, a popular European destination that is often hard to reach by direct flight. The airline has worked diligently to find the right market for this flight, and Chicago was the winner.

The flights not only encourage people to see and enjoy Lisbon, but the ticketing structure has been created to encourage flyers to at least stop over in Lisbon before going to their final destination. Passengers will have five days to catch their connecting flights to other areas of Europe if they desire to stay and enjoy Lisbon for a few days.

This new flight is just the first of the new flights that are going to be offered by TAP Air Portugal in the next year. TAP Air Portugal is aggressively expanding into North America and will also launch another new flight between Washington D.C. and Lisbon later in June. It is anticipated that there could be three more flights added after the launch of the D.C. route.

Chicago O'Hare has been diligently trying to attract new international flights to its airport. This year, the airport launched new service to Venice, Italy; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and Auckland, New Zealand. The Auckland flight is now the longest flight originating from the Chicago airport. In addition to these flights, another 13 international flights have been added to the O'Hare roster in 2018.

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